Why should I use Mycorrhiza?

Even a well-developed plant root system is not as large as the extensive hyphal network developed by the mycorrhizal fungi. The microscopic hyphae grow through the soil and reach the nutrients much more efficiently than roots alone can. When plants are stimulated in their development by mycorrhiza, you can be sure they will use the potential of the soil to a maximum.

Like us, plants need a good supply of water and natural nutrients. By providing plants with what they need, mycorrhizal fungi promote their optimal growth and development of natural resistance. Mycorrhization constitutes a solid base for plants to resist against periods of stress (drought, excessive salinity, pollution, pathogen attack ...).


However, the widespread use of synthetic chemicals reduces the natural fertility of soil due to a depletion in their mycorrhizal communities.

The aim of INOCULUMplus is to restore the natural balance of the soil.


What can we expect from mycorrhizal treatment?
  • Optimal and balanced plant growth
  • Healthier and more dense root systems with a significantly improved ability to acquire nutrients from the soil
  • More and denser flowers and fruit
  • Significantly lower need of water and fertilizers
  • Higher resistance to drought
  • Decreased stress during transplanting
  • Soil stabilization
  • Protection against some soil pathogens and diseases