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This product is based on the exceptional capabilities of mycorrhizal fungi to provide nutrients and water by associating with plant roots. In the form of granules, SYMBIVIT® is easy to use and takes care of your plants making them more beautiful and resistant for their entire life.

This product reduces the use of synthetic chemicals on your plants for a healthier environment for your plants and you.



  • Resistance: Decreased mortality during transplanting and improved natural resistance to pathogens and environmental stress (drought, poor soil, excessive salinity)
  • Environnement: SYMBIVIT® products are 100% natural and contain no genetically modified organisms. The application of products SYMBIVIT® reduces the use of chemicals.
Applications: SYMBIVIT® is developed for:
  • Flowering plants and house pot plants (rose, cyclamen, geranium, petunia, verbena, …)
  • Climbing or creeper plants
  • Most ornamental conifers (thuya, yew, juniper, cypress, …)
  • Some other ornamental trees and shrubs (maple, ash, rowan, …)
  • Vegetables (tomato, cucumber, onion, leek, garlic, …)
  • Fruit-bearing plants (strawberry, raspberry, currant, apple tree and others)

For more details, a list of plants suitable for SYMBIVIT® is available here.

SYMBIVIT® is not suitable for the following plants:

  • Orchids, Ericaceous species, the Brassicaceae family (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, sprouts, radish, watercress, horseradish …), for spinach, turnip, amaranth, ...
Substrate Natural clay
Mycorrhiza* 100 propagules/g (minimum content)
pH 6.0 – 8.0
Organic matter** 9,83%
Specific weight 700 – 900 kg/m3
Particle size 0,1 – 3,5 mm

* Six species of mycorrhizal fungi
** Humates, ground mineral, extracts from sea organisms
This product contains naturally degradable granules of a water-retaining gel


Available in 150g, 750g, 3kg, 10kg and 20kg


Avoid using excessive amounts of chemical fertilizers. You do not have to stop using them, but large amounts of soluble chemicals usually harm mycorrhizal fungi. Do not overdose your plants with chemicals. Also, most systemic fungicides kill the fungi in early stages of development. We recommend not using them during the first 3 weeks after application of mycorrhizal products.